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3D Ludo Game Board Game Made with Wooden 3-Dimensional Ludo Toy Box Playing Board , 1 Dice , 16 Pegs

  • 2,3 or 4 players can play.

  • Each has four same colour pegs, to start the game he/she should place them on the same colour start block on the playing board. The highest number thrown determines the order of the play. Each player has to throw the Dice once. The aim of the game is that all of your 4 pegs reach Home.

  • The player starts from his colour Block & goes round the playing Board & then proceeds to home as shown by the arrows on the playing board. Whenever a peg is played into a place already occupied by an opponent's peg, then the opponents peg is put back in its respective colour block & if occupied by the same colour it can remain on that square.

  • If you get 6 on your Dice you get one more chance to throw the Dice. This option if the players decide mutually not to have during the play can be avoided. The player who first occupies all his 4 colour pegs on home is the WINNER.

  • Material : Wood, Good for children to enhance their memory. Learn Hand to eye co-ordination A good gift and toy for kids.

  • 3D Ludo made from MDF wooden material.

  • A favourite classic board game with a whole new experience.

  • This is the ultimate board game gift for preschoolers, boys, girls and teens and adults. This also is great present for board game enthusiast.

  • This popular family board game is handcrafted in India using wood for long-term service.

  • Contents: 3D Playing Board, 1 Dice & 16 Pegs

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