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Magnetic Puzzle Square Triangle(B) Triangles - Includes 400 Magnets, 200 Puzzles, Magnetic Board, Display Stand

  • 500 vibrant circular magnets may be arranged in any way by kids using the magnetic board. They are capable of creating many items, including fruits, animals, birds, and cars.
  • Magnetic puzzles are a fantastic tool for encouraging creativity and imagination. It helps kids develop their ability to solve problems. Their awareness of geometry and space is enhanced. Kids manipulate the pieces by picking them up, pinching them, and grasping them. The development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination results from this.
  • To get the youngsters started, the bundle includes a handbook with 200 patterns. When children begin making their own objects, the true magic happens. Using the display stand included in the package, children can show off their masterpieces. Children gain confidence when they exhibit their work.
  • Males and females may both enjoy magnetic puzzles. It offers hours of entertainment for children of all ages. Children can also play in groups.
  • Each package contains a magnetic canvas (23 x 23 cm), a puzzle book with 200 riddles, a display stand, and a magic seal pouch to keep the magnets in, in addition to 500 magnetic circles (10 colours, 1.5 cm diameter)
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