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Tic Tac Stack Mind Challenging Strategy Family Board Game for Kids & Adults

  • Tic Tac Stack is a creative version of Tic Tac Toe game. In this board game, we use cylindrical tokens instead of the traditional X's & 0's.

  • How to Play: 1) It is a 2 player Game. Each Player will get 6 cylindrical tokens of 3 different sizes (i.e. 2 tokens of same size). In total there are 12 tokens (6 red & 6 blue). 2) Each player has to place their tokens simultaneously on the board. The player who first places their respective colored tokens in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins the game. 3) The main twist in this game is that, you can capture the opponent player's place by placing your bigger size token over it.

  • Its a Good Entertainer Game to Keep the Whole Family Occupied for Hours! All age group people can sit together for a quick competitive challenge.

  • It helps Encourage Problem Solving Skills, Develops logical thinking & expands analytical abilities, Improves visualizing skills, Widens planning & strategy skills.

  • Contents: 12 Stacking Tokens (2 different colours & 3 sizes) & 1 Board, Made in India
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