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TIC TAC TOE 3D Tic Tac Toe Classic Mind Challenging Cross & Zero Family Board Game for Kids & Adult

  • The evergreen fun game: It is a modern take on the classic pencil and paper tic tac toe game. Comes in a nostalgic design with vibrant colours.
  • How to play: This is a two-player game. One is using “X” and the other is “O”. The player starting first always starts with 'X' by placing it in any of the 9 slots on the board. The next player then places a '0' in any of the remaining 8 slots. The player who is the first to place three X's or 0's in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game.
  • Perfect for any gatherings: Best family fun game ever. Whether it's a backyard party with friends and family, a barbecue party at the beach or a family get together, this 9-piece tic-tac-toe game gives anyone a pleasant way to unwind while keeping themselves entertained.
  • Quality build: Made with high-quality wooden material and has sturdy craftsmanship that is enough to continue to be enjoyed for generations to come
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